Andrea Jaeger

Andrea Jaeger is a 16-year-old professional tennis player who is ranked #2 in the world. She began playing professionally at the age of 15 and was fluent in five languages. Andrea has won more than sixty titles, including four Grand Slams, and has advanced to the Wimbledon singles final four times. She stopped from competitive tennis at the age of 23 to pursue a career as a physician, but continues to play for leisure today! She represented Germany until 2010, when she was forced to quit due to illness. Throughout her career, she has won 11 professional singles titles, three professional doubles wins, and two Grand Slam mixed doubles titles (2009 French Open with Max Mirnyi). Andrea is now a coach for young players and an expert pundit for Eurosport Tennis's television and online coverage.

Retired Tennis Legend Andrea Jaeger Keeps Winning With Little Star Foundation

Andrea Jaeger established a new career in philanthropy and service after retiring from professional tennis in 1985. The Little Star Foundation was founded as a result of her efforts. This organization, now in its 36th year, is possibly her greatest accomplishment.

While her achievements on the court are undeniably impressive, this is an extremely bold assertion. Andrea Jaeger was seeded at Wimbledon at the age of 15 – a record at the time. Within a year, she had become the world's second-ranked female chess player. At least once in every Grand Slam, she would make it to the finals or semifinals. At the French Open in 1981, he won a mixed doubles championship. As of this writing, she is still competing in the Champions Tour Legends tournaments She only plays for a worthy cause, and she donates all of her win money to that cause.

Her main passion has always been this. As a young kid, she aspired to serve people in need and spread her message. She didn't enjoy playing tennis on her alone. She could have done more. So she started the Little Star Foundation to help those in need.

The Little Star Foundation's goal is simple: to help children. The nonprofit's mission is to improve the lives of children who are unwell or in need of assistance. The organization has a global reach and aids children in schools, hospitals, orphanages, and local communities via its many programs. In the midst of tremendous suffering, the Little Star Foundation urges its members to "endure just one more day." This is supported through their programs, which include education, medical care, therapy, and financial aid. The Little Star Foundation provides award-winning Sports, Arts, and Educational Therapy programs for free to its families in order to reduce their suffering. A child's physical and emotional well-being is the goal of these activities. Andrea Jaeger's Little Star Foundation provides scholarships for children with cancer who have been admitted to college in addition to paying cancer treatments.

People who have benefited the most from the Little Star Foundation's life-changing mission may be found on the organization's website sharing their stories. It's also been observed by others, and this work is no exception. As the first female recipient of the Jackie Robinson Humanitarian Award, presented to people who demonstrate "care for mankind" with elegance, personal sacrifice, compassion, hope, and dignity; Andrea Jaeger is the recipient of this award. As a result of her efforts, she has been invited to the White House by three separate presidents. Her visit from Nelson Mandela, who had come to express his gratitude for all she had done, was a particularly memorable moment.

Andrea Jaeger will tell anybody that her job is greater than plagues or awards, and she'll be the first to admit it. She serves as a role model for other athletes who want to make a difference in the world by raising funds and advocating for causes they believe in.